Our Mission

At bespinian, we love software. Especially if it's simple, efficient, and spot on the requirements. Awesome software is made by awesome teams. That's why all of our services are focused on close collaboration with you and your team. Also, we feel at home in private, hybrid and public clouds. That makes us your ideal partner for creating great cloud-native solutions.

Together, we create solutions which are

easy to operate

adaptable to change

scalable under load

optimized for your business

Our Services

No matter whether you are embarking on a new endeavor, reworking an idea or transforming your existing applications, we work hands-on with your team in every iteration of your project. Here are some of the services we offer. If what you require is not on the list, please let us know. We're always happy to innovate.

  • Assess

    Perfect match or too good to be true? We help you choose the right partners for your project.

  • Transform

    Everyone has a history. Together, we review your existing applications and get them ready for the cloud.

  • Design

    A diagram says more than a thousand words. Let’s structure your business domain and identify crucial concepts.

  • Build

    From napkin to code. We help you realize your ideas in lean and cloud-native software.

  • Run

    Innovation without downtime. We help you introduce and master DevOps in your organization.

  • Rethink

    Everything is simple in hindsight. Let’s embrace that fact and take your solution to the next level!

Our Technologies

We are convinced that technology should follow ideas and not the other way around. Together, we design and implement architectures based on modern technologies, which enable your team to spend more time on delivering business value and less on infrastructure operations. Here's a selection of the platforms we are native to:

Even though we passionately write code, reinventing the wheel is not our game. We know when to use an existing product to solve a problem, and we share this knowledge with your team. Here are some of our favorite tools:


Our Partners

We proudly rely on strong partners when it comes to providing platforms and related technologies. Here are some of the companies and organizations we are lucky to have as our partners:

Our Customers

We work with companies from various areas of the industry and of all sizes, ranging from startups to major corporations. These are some of the companies who put their trust in our services:

The Team

We are cloud-native software engineers with experience in both the corporate and the startup world. We pride ourselves in being expert architects, competent coaches and seasoned coders at the same time. Interested in meeting us? You are welcome to approach us on social media or at a meetup near you.

Mathis Kretz

Mathis Kretz

Keeper of Simple

Software Architect and co-founder. Specialized in microservices, container technologies and cloud-native engineering.
Lena Fuhrimann

Lena Fuhrimann

Head in the Clouds

Software Engineer and co-founder. Specialized in cloud services, distributed systems and web development with modern technologies.
Paulina Grochal

Paulina Grochal

Cloud Whisperer

DevOps and Cloud Solutions Architect. Automation enthusiast specialized in system integration, CI/CD and cloud-native solutions.
John Hutchison

John Hutchison

Cloud Wrangler

Software Architect. Specialized in agile processes, CI/CD solutions, infrastructure as code and cloud-native development.
Denis Kovachevich

Denis Kovachevich

Cloud Composer

Software Engineer. Specialized in distributed systems, microservices, event-driven architecture and container technologies.
Qasim Warraich

Qasim Warraich

☁boy 🤠

Software Engineer. Excited by cutting edge technologies and languages. Always on the hunt for the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Philippe Hässig

Philippe Hässig

Software Wizard

Experienced software engineer with a passion for Open Source, automation, Linux and the cloud.
Joel Graf

Joel Graf

Cloud Surfer

DevOps Engineer. Loves to develop secure, reliable and scalable services while automating redundant tasks.
Matthias Osswald

Matthias Osswald

Cloud Ninja

Cloud Engineer. Devoted to crafting dependable products and breaking down complex systems into lovable solutions.
Sandra Hochstein

Sandra Hochstein

Cloud City Girl

Networking and sales are very important. However, organizing events and coffee are essential for the bespinians' motivation.
Rafael Wicht

Rafael Wicht

Cloud Summoner

Cloud Engineer. Fascinated by solving complex infrastructure, software and data problems as simply and resiliently as possible.


Cloud on Four Paws

Big ball of fur. Professional office dog and mascot with a passion for physical security.

Contact Us

Have a question? Need a quote? Wanna grab a coffee or a beer? Drop us a line, and we'll be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.